Financial Suite for Microsoft Dynamics SL

The VAT module for Microsoft Dynamics SL assists international companies with processing and reporting Value Added Tax (VAT) details.  Microsoft Dynamics SL has strong tax functionality and handles the postings.  The Dialog Dynamics VAT module enhances the Microsoft Dynamics SL functionality to make reporting easier and to address local requirements for various countries.

VAT Reporting

The heart of the VAT module is the capability to generate periodical tax reports in formats required by the local statutory bodies. The VAT module delivers the necessary report formats, leveraging reporting codes linked to the source purchases and sales transactions.

VAT Reporting Box Codes

Dynamics SL Defaults tax IDs and categories to all transactions, which can then be changed by the user.  VAT Box Codes are assigned to the SL tax IDs. The VAT reports generate based on Tax IDs and Box Codes totalling amount for entry in specific boxes on the government VAT reports.

Cash Manager, GL

The Dialog Dynamics Dynamics SL VAT Module enable the entry of Tax Ids. You have the ability to enter tax and VAT details in GL Journals, Cash Manager transactions and Project Expense Claims. It is also possible to journal adjustments between VAT Box Codes.

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